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Mastery Coaching

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Welcome to Love Thyself First's SAY YES: Self-LOVE Strategy Mastery Coaching Experience!

Love Thyself First: Self Love Strategy Mastery is a unique 4-week personal development and

intimate coaching experience for women and families, entrepreneurs, and purpose

driven leaders. This is also for people looking to seek healing from life's traumatic events. 

This is where we intersect  Mental wellness, Emotional wellness, Faith and personal development,  in a way that produces lasting results, fulfillment as you journey into 


How it works

This intimate coaching is experienced via Zoom meetups and you can choose from a profound 1 on 1  experience  or  participate in a community group experience, Both Highly interactive and Impactful.  Each week, Haydee will teach the course content LIVE with opportunities for

expression, questions, and reflections. Every session will be recorded on Zoom and made

available to program participants for playback. In this  interactive Masterclass experience that

intersects training/ teaching and coaching, you’ll gain the tools/inspiration/support you need

to get to the next level.

  • Know the real meaning of Self Love

  • Be equipped with effective Self Love strategies for all areas of your life

  • Be awakened from Self sabotaging behavior to meaningful faithful power actions.

  • Make “Self Love” a lifestyle that fosters vision, resilience, and God driven success

  • Possess the inspiration, tools, resources, and connections needed to reach your “next level” goals


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"Never feel like you can't win, Know your Power, Stand Strong, Learn to keep your eyes on God"   - Haydee

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